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Daily Vaccine News Posted August 17, 2011

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Strong evidence that autism is genetic - ACSH "ACSH’s Dr. Josh Bloom notes that 'this should drive another nail into the coffin of the asinine vaccine-autism link. This study shows that, whatever the cause or causes of autism may be, there must be a substantial genetic component. Not vaccines. Period'.”

Comment:  It was predictable that this study would be used to discredit a vaccines-autism link.  However, given that siblings share BOTH genes and environment, this is hardly proof that the environment or vaccines play little to no role.

Protecting Their Own: The Unofficial Vaccination Policy of Doctors in the Know by L.J. Goes - Age of Autism

Kim Stagliano on TodayMoms Blog: Will I Have a Second Child With Autism? by Kim Stagliano - Age of Autism

Obesity and Influenza — Clinical Infectious Diseases Journal - The Refusers

Indictment of vaccine researcher demands review of published scientific conclusions - NaturalNews

How Big Pharma's "fake" data could make you sick by Dr. Allan Spreen -

Better late than never: The Dunning-Kruger effect meets an incompetent anti ... by Orac

A shot at prevention

Deadline Extended for Mandatory Whooping Cough Booster Shots - Parents may not opt out of getting the shot for their children. -NBCLA

Judge corporate-funded studies on their merits - The National Law Journal


The Impenetrable Ignorance of the The L.A. Times
by Robert Schecter - The Vaccine Machine

Big Pharma exec turned Whistleblower (video)

The Failure of Conventional Medicine

Perry’s Executive Order on Gardasil Proves He is a Corrupt Bastard

Europe, US ban CSL kids' flu shot

New insights about interaction of thimerosal with blood components - A new study shows how thimerosal, a mercury-containing preservative used in vaccines, binds to human hemoglobin.

VaxTruth - website

Mayo Clinic receives FDA approval for ovarian and breast cancer vaccines

2011-2012 Trivalent Influenza Vaccine Data from the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)

Germany looks to destroy expensive, unwanted swine flu vaccine - Out-of-date swine flu immunizations that were bought by Germany amid fears of a pandemic two years ago are to be destroyed. The number of people who wanted the vaccine at the time was lower than expected.

Swine flu vaccine worth €250 mln to be destroyed - German health authorities are making arrangements to burn around 15 tonnes of swine flu vaccine worth around €250 million which people refused to take, and is now past its use-by date.

Self-reported adverse reactions in 4337 healthcare workers immunizations against novel H1N1 influenza

CSL seeks to calm vaccine concerns - "Dr McNamee said scientific investigations by CSL found that the reactions in children were caused by 'a surprise interaction' between new flu strains the World Health Organisation required to be included in the 2010 vaccine."

GP leaders warn central procurement 'will hit flu vaccine uptake'

BMA 'extremely concerned' on central flu vaccine purchase plan - The BMA has rejected government plans to strip GPs of their responsibility to order seasonal flu vaccines and move to central procurement, warning it would affect GP income.

Pharmacists to be trained to give flu vaccine

Flu vaccine maker Biota has loss

Any prime-boost mix of injected or spray flu vaccine shields toddlers - Broadest immune response from nasal spray vaccine, NIH-funded study finds

Flu Vaccine in Pregnancy Benefits Baby, Too

Seasonal, swine flu vaccines must for Hajj pilgrims

Three New Studies Show “Psychiatric Drugs Provide No Benefit and Are Dangerous” - Child Health Safety

CDC issues $49M in state, local grants to better public health

Emotions hinder disease eradication

Vical Provides Vaxfectin(R) Review at Novel Vaccines: Adjuvants & Delivery Systems Conference

Geovax Awarded $3.6 Million Grant By U.S. Government For Its HIV/AIDS Vaccine Program - U.S Government Continues Support for Clinical Development of Adjuvanted Vaccine

Simple Device Makes Needle Injections Painless - Device Has Potential Benefits For Cosmetic Procedures, Immunizations (includes video)
BD Launches Family of Syringes Which Addresses Environmental Impact and Meets a Variety of Clinical Needs

NexBio Reports Safety and Significant Antiviral Activities of DAS181 (Fludase)* from a Dose-Ranging Phase II Clinical Trial

Ask Dr. Hallberg: Top 10 U.S. public health achievements

Text campaign provides free health education for pregnant women

Back-to-school reminder: Kids must have shots

Short on vaccines and short on time

HOUSE CALL: Grown-ups need their shots, too

Schools welcome grace period for whooping cough vaccine

Drop in Kids' Vaccination Rates Puts Everyone at Risk - Mar Vista schools have dangerously low rates of compliance, so consider getting your children their shots as you get them ready to head back to class

Back to school: Is your child up to date on immunizations?

New law requires whooping cough vaccine before kids start school

Easy steps to improve child vaccination rates

Students immunized at Centerville clinic

New vaccine requirements for school children (includes video)

Travellers neglecting to have vaccinations before trips

CMS students need to get their shots before school starts (includes video)

Saturday health fair offers free immunizations for kids, teens - Food, prizes and games also at Hermiston event

County Council Proclaims August As Immunization Awareness Month - The county provided two lists—one for children and one for adults—that show the immunization recommendations, which accompanies this article.

Rick Perry reverses himself, calls HPV vaccine mandate a ‘mistake’ - Washington Post

Vaccination Controversy Follows Perry on Campaign Trail - NewAmerican

The HPV files: In emails, Perry mostly absent

Perry Says HPV Vaccine Mandate Was A Mistake (includes video)

Pap smear rate drops across state

Gardasil urged for boys - New strategy against HPV is to vaccinate both genders

Sex And Vaccinations: Mom Talk - Your daughter doesn't need to be a tramp to qualify for Gardisil.

Vaccination Campaigns Emerge as Priority in Famine Stricken Somalia

UN warns of rising death rates among Somali children as disease takes a toll

Children escaping famine in the Horn of Africa contend with malnutrition and a measles outbreak

MAF assisting response to cholera and measles outbreak in DRC

UN: Children at Ethiopia Camp Dying at ‘Alarming’ Rate

Risks and Benefits of Second-Generation Rotavirus Vaccines (registration) - NEJM via Medscape

World too complacent on bird flu

Study reveals obesity link to seasonal flu hospitalizations

Bordetella Infections Rare in Children With Cough Illness - Concomitant virus/B. pertussis and B. parapertussis infections are also rare - Bordetella pertussis and Bordetella parapertussis infections are rarely found in young patients with cough illness, as are concomitant virus/Bordetella infections, according to a study published in the August issue of the Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal.

Whooping cough cases on the rise in Polk County - First case of measles also recently reported (includes video)

New pneumococcal vaccine offers added protection

When governors united against polio

Polio eradication now making progress

Government to implement plan to eradicate polio

Bauchi recorded zero case of polio in 20 months––Yuguda

Polio eradication: Chief secy reviews plans for drive

Ontario students warned about mumps - University town has had four cases already this year

Outbreak of measles prevented

Measles crisis blamed on poor health services

Campaign serves as reminder of meningitis outbreak - Vaccinations best way to prevent recurrence of past tragedy

Meningitis lands second tot in hospital in a week

Getting the word out on meningitis danger

Long Beach mom fights back from West Nile Virus infection

Disabled artist beats odds (video)

'Brain-eating amoeba' kills second child - Nine-year-old Va. boy dies after swimming in water infected by parasite

Could a new vaccine possibly wipe out all viruses? Maybe

3 yr Vaccine Relabeled as 1 yr

PRRS Vaccine Reduces Viral Shedding

Half of Canadians have chronic disease: Survey

Half of Americans Have Chronic Disease, Survey Says

Addiction Redefined As Chronic Brain Disorder, Not Bad Behaviour

Switch in cell's 'power plant' declines with age, rejuvenated by drug

Somerville mom and daughter join brigade against toxic chemicals