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Daily Vaccine News Posted August 18, 2011

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Suffer the little children - If the Victorian government had acted on medical evidence in the 1950s, many would have been spared polio. - "For my part, I've always blamed the injections I had at school in the year that I ended up in an iron lung in Ballarat's Base Hospital. So did my parents. Now I know this to be true and it's all there in the British medical journal The Lancet. Recently I stumbled on critical research published in The Lancet in April 1950 linking polio with whooping cough and diphtheria immunisation."

Living with Dravet Syndrome (includes video) - "Dravet Syndrome is cause from a mutation in the SCN1A gene.  Hannah received the Diphtheria Tetanus & Pertussis vaccine or DTaP for short when she was four months old. It was after the shot that she began to seize. 'Three to four hours later she had a seizure,' said Tyson.  'Then another three to four hours later she had another one.  They said it was related to the vaccination.  She had an allergic reaction.'"

Part 1 The Greatest Challenge: Autism and an Out of Home Placement - Age of Autism

FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg pushing to eliminate conflict of interest laws, allow paid drug company shills to fill advisory positions - NaturalNews

After 15-year court battle, Pfizer reluctantly compensates Nigerian families whose loved ones injured, killed by illegal drug experiment - NaturalNews

Why is Autism Speaks sponsoring a conference featuring Andrew Wakefield? -

Parents regain confidence in vital MMR jab

Vaccine for whooping cough may be worth it

The Parenting Corner: Could your pediatrician fire you?

Should Pediatricians 'Fire' Patients Whose Parents Don't Vaccinate? posted By Dr. Mercola via

To Drug or Not to Drug? by Suzanne Humphries, MD - International Medical Council on Vaccination

Vaccination Nation - Is sending your kid to school risky business?

REGION: Local parents increasingly skip children's immunizations - "[Dr.] Wooten said she is not surprised that the number of personal exemptions is growing and noted that autism isn't the driving factor anymore. Instead, parents are weighing fears of allergies and other side effects associated with vaccines, placing more trust in holistic medicine, and spacing out shots."

More parents say no to vaccines - San Diego sees more growth than other counties in kindergarten refusals

Girls suffering seizures after cervical cancer jab -

Fall 2011 Vaccines & Immune Therapeutics ... Instructors: David Weiner, Paul Offit, Emilio Emini, Jean D. Boyer, Course Coordinator: Denise Dixon - University of Pennsylvania

Rick Perry’s Gardasil U-Turn: Here’s What Actually Happened Back in 2007 - BNET

Perry Says Vaccine Order Was Mistake - Wall Street Journal

Rick Perry: HPV Vaccine Mandate a 'Mistake' (video) - ABC News

Candidate Rick Perry Shows Again How Incoherent He Is!

More On Perry And Gardasil

Rick Perry’s Gardasil Problem Not Going Away: Big Government Watch

Rick Perry: I was wrong about Gardasil (includes video)

Rick Perry’s bad, Obama-style medicine Michelle Malkin

Malkin Not Keen on ‘Governor Gardasil’

Some conservatives not thrilled by Rick Perry

Perry: Why so passionate for and then against HPV vaccination?

The cowboy corporatist rides to the rescue

Perry Regrets HPV Vaccine Mandate: ‘Could Help Campaign’ (includes video)

Studies from Vaccine Research Center Provide New Data on Papillomavirus Vaccines

‘One-fourth of cervical cancer deaths in India'

Health officers pulled up for shoddy work

Panacea shares fall 20 pct after WHO delists three vaccines

Bahrain sees quintuple vaccine shortage

PS authorised vaccine import

Chad Hoover Appointed Vice President, Chief Commercial Officer, Sanofi Pasteur U.S.

Parents Scramble As Nebraska City Faces Chickenpox Vaccine Shortage

Notes from the Field: Transplant-Transmitted Hepatitis B Virus --- United States, 2010 - MMWR

Flu Shot Rates Low for Health Workers, Moms-to-Be: CDC - Making vaccination readily available improves compliance with guidelines, researchers say

Prevention and Control of Influenza with Vaccines: Recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), 2011 - MMWR

Influenza Vaccination Coverage Among Pregnant Women --- United States, 2010--11 Influenza Season - MMWR

Influenza Vaccination Coverage Among Health-Care Personnel --- United States, 2010--11 Influenza Season - MMWR

Experts debate getting flu shots now - Some experts say immunity will be affected

Penny Wise Pound Foolish – Cuts in Free Flu Vaccines

CDC Announces 2011 Flu Vaccine Recommendations

Kids Benefit From Flu Vaccine via Shot or Spray, Study Finds - Both work well, but nasal spray produces broadest immune response in youngsters, research shows

New Universal Flu Vaccine Reduces Pandemic Odds

2011-2012 Flu Vaccinations Now Available at Neighborhood Winn-Dixie Pharmacies

Guild welcomes flu vaccine decision

Natural Way To Fight the Flu

The flu is back, but vaccine ready

Yearly Requirements for School Immunizations, Physicals Posted - The county's school website lists the school immunization requirements for the 2011-2012 school year

Easy steps to improve child vaccination rates

Editorial: Immunization clinics are a vote for public health

Even adults need immunization (includes video)

Decision not to be immunized affects many

Vaccinations for children a must

Not all Merced County students have received their Tdap shot

No shots, no school for some - 72 of 175 seventh-graders still need proof of vaccinations

Vaccinations: They Are Not Just For Kids, Says Loyola Expert

County offers back-to-school immunizations for uninsured

Pediatricians urge parents to get children immunized

Parents rush to get kids immunized for back-to-school

Vaccines prevent serious childhood illnesses

Health department notes national immunization awareness month

Australian travellers risk diseases by skipping vaccinations

Back-to-school reminder: Kids must have shots

Back to school: Time to educate and vaccinate

Vaccinations Needed Before the Start of School - Find out what kind of vaccinations and where in San Lorenzo you can find them for your children before school starts.

County Council Proclaims August As Immunization Awareness Month - The county provided two lists—one for children and one for adults—that show the immunization recommendations, which accompanies this article.

Students' shots must be up to date to go back to school

Immunizations important

No shots, no school for some - Schools issue ultimatum for 175 seventh-graders

5 Year Old Dies From Meningitis

Meningitis scare as boy hospitalised

Health officials encourage meningitis booster

Party girl, 22, dies in Ibiza after she is told meningitis is a  migraine

Children prone to pneumococcal otitis media have weaker antibody response

(Video) Brain-Eating Parasite Kills Second Child This Month: Danger Lurking In Your Freshwater Swimming Areas

Six communities in B/A selected for national polio immunization

Strike hampers polio immunisation in Adamawa - An estimated 250,000 targeted children fail to be immunised as junior medical workers in the state stopped work since May

The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Announce Partnership on Polio Eradication

A new type of polio vaccine on the cards

Rotary boss, Banerjee, craves joint action against polio in Nigeria

New Study May Aid Search for AIDS Vaccine - Research Could Lead to New Strategies for the Development of an Effective HIV Vaccine

Potent Antibodies Offer New AIDS Vaccine Design

USAMRIID Scientist Brings Home Prestigious Award for Work on the Lassa Fever Vaccine

Measles Update - What's Going on in Europe? -

Sick backpacker sparks Red Centre measles alert

Medics puzzled by rare case of German measles

County HHSA Reports Whooping Cough Case #326

Human trials within months for breakthrough malaria drug

Teen Who Suffered Allergic Food Reaction Dies - Jahrell Dillard, 15, of Lawrenceville, died Wednesday after he suffered an allergic reaction to a cookie he bit into at the Walmart in Loganville.

With Food Allergies on the Rise, AANMA Applauds Illinois' Move to Save Lives - State's new law allows schools to keep and use auto-injectable epinephrine for students who suffer severe allergic reactions

New Online Course Teaches Educators How to Prepare for Anaphylaxis

Raccoon rabies vaccination set

Rabies Vaccine Bait Prompts Concern For Pet Owners

Fall health management planning should include scours vaccination

History Time: Cotton Mather'’s invisible tragedy

10th Anniversary of the Sept. 11 Attacks: Johns Hopkins University Sources Available

Biological Weapons: Bargaining With the Devil (Part Four of War and the Tragedy of the Commons) - Truthout

Professor’s research flies on final shuttle mission

Wikipedia Bias: Now You Can Do Something About It - Leaving Online Feedback is Quick and Easy

Human Bacteria Killing Coral in Florida Keys

Microkillers: A gallery of pestilence

New Imaging Technology Could Help Identify Start and Cause of Infectious Disease Epidemics

New Study Shows Modified Citrus Pectin Activates Powerful Immune Responses

Emerging infectious diseases and cities

Study Findings from Center for Infectious Diseases Broaden Understanding of Pneumonia

The explosive truth behind Fukushima's meltdown/ The Independent by Meryl Nass, MD