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Daily Vaccine News Posted August 19, 2011

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Sex -- not health -- a priority in California

WHO disqualifies 3 vaccines of Panacea Biotec

Holier than Thou BMJ Editor Godlee Fails to Acknowledge Merck MMR Conflict by John Stone Age of Autism

U.S. Department of State Urged to Support Ban of Mercury in Vaccines

Dartmouth Makes Flu Shots Mandatory

Many Health Care Workers Don't Get Flu Vaccines CDC Study Shows 63% of Health Care Workers Skip Flu Vaccines

Health Workers, Gravidas Miss Flu Shot Goals

Medics puzzled by rare case of German measles

MCHD to give out 3,000 free vaccines to Montgomery County students

More Parents Opt Out of Immunizations Record number of kindergartners forgo vaccinations with personal belief waivers

Study: Good antibody response to one or two doses of LAIV

Snohomish County infant dies as whooping cough spreads A Snohomish Health District official says an infant from east Snohomish County has died from whooping cough.

FDA Approves Mayo Cancer Vaccines for Human Testing

Having a crack: what do chiropractors know about vaccinations?

School board activates Tdap waiver Glendale Unified will have 30 days from the start of school to make sure secondary students get Tdap vaccine.

Scientists move closer to HIV vaccine, isolate antibodies

NIH-Led Team Maps Route for Eliciting HIV Neutralizing Antibodies New Technique Can be Used Widely to Develop Vaccines

The Gardasil Proxy

Research and Markets: Vaccines in Western Europe - An Overview of the Trends & Future Outlook of the Vaccine Markets in Different Western European Countries

EDITORIAL: Immunizations part of good parenting

Kids' Hacking Is Seldom Whooping Cough, Study Finds For most children, respiratory symptoms don't indicate presence of the illness, researchers say

Whooping cough vaccinations are vital

Whooping cough vaccine required for school; 17 cases reported in Shasta County through July

Local Case Linked to Toronto Outbreak of Mumps

Push begins to vaccinate kids before school starts Amid confusion over how many Miami-Dade students don’t have all the vaccinations they need, health officials expect a crush of parents seeking vaccines for their children before school starts Monday.

Vaccinations for Adults Video Dr. Donnica Moore discusses common vaccines for adults.

ALL ABOUT AGING: Vaccines: Which Ones Do Seniors Need?

Adult Vaccinations Protect Children: Report But few get the recommended immunizations, experts say

Many Metro 7th Graders Still Need Vaccinations

The vaccines your college freshman needs
(includes video)

CDC: Flu Vaccine for All, Again

CDC Seasonal Influenza (Flu) What’s New on this Site

Detroit Schools hold enrollment drive at museum

Corona del Mar High School Offering Vaccinations Don't forget! Whooping cough booster vaccinations will be given today.

Students Must Show Shot Records To Enter School In Fall Students Need Up-To-Date Whooping Cough Vaccine

Metro staffing increased for school vaccines

Immunizations for school

Why immunize?

Some more science facts

Two Cases of Measles Confirmed in Dakota County Dropping vaccination rates have led to a resurgence of measles internationally, according to health officials.

Measles outbreak prompts vaccine reminder

HSE warns of rapid rise in measles cases The HSE has reported a rapid rise in measles cases, with over 135 cases so far this year.

Life-saving efforts in Ethiopia continue, growing shelter needs in Djibouti

Measles outbreak compounds famine relief efforts in horn of Africa

Measles outbreak in Blacktown causes alarm

3 Nebraska counties short of chickenpox vaccine

Varicella-zoster virus

Health Tip: Using an Antiviral for Chickenpox Who may need the treatment

Doctor Offers Advice On Meningitis (includes video)

$8.6 Million Imaging Suite to Speed Epidemic Diagnosis

Mosquitoes' Built Up Resistance to Bednets Stirs Malaria Worries

Regional Center for Infectious Disease Participates in Global Trial on HIV/AIDS

Military Infectious Diseases Basic Reserach Award

British used bioweapon in US war of independence

Smallpox: The Death of a Disease

To Do: Smallpox Exhibit at the National Constitution Center Take in a popup exhibit compliments of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia tonight at the National Constitution Center

Researchers from University of Amsterdam Publish New Studies and Findings in the Area of Pneumonia

Industry, FDA spar on names for drugs Mix-ups pose a safety threat, advocates say

FDA Modernizing Regulatory Science

Patients Taking Antipsychotics Urged to Get Routine Physicals These meds linked to risk factors for heart disease, diabetes and stroke, researchers say

‘Brain-eating amoeba’ claims second victim this month (includes video)

Revisiting adoptee screening policies urged for the AAP

N. Ind. health office warns of Lyme disease surge

Change the environment, not the child National study finds equal benefit for children with cerebral palsy

CDC Rates for New Cancer Cases and Deaths by Race/Ethnicity and Sex Talk to your doctor about ways you can reduce your cancer risk.

12 Things You Should Stop Buying Now

Making product websites more effective

Most Doctors Will Face Malpractice Claims During Their Careers But study also found most of those claims never end in payments

Is Your Physician Stumped by Your Symptoms? This Could be the Reason (includes video)

Hepatitis scare prompts lawsuit against Olive Garden

Teva Not Responsible for Nevada Hepatitis Outbreak, Lawyer Tells Jurors

Part 2 The Greatest Challenge: Autism and an Out of Home Placement Age of Autism

Biotech industry at war over GMOs; millions of dollars funneled to lawmakers

Farmers speak out: GMOs are a trap that Monsanto is using to take over agriculture

TACA E-Newsletter August 19, 2011

Schafer Autism Report August 16, 2011