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Daily Vaccine News Posted August 20, 2011

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U.S. Department of State Urged to Support Ban of Mercury in Vaccines

A Comparative Analysis of Human Rights through the Eyes of The Help by L.J. Goes - Age of Autism

Will I Have a Second Child with Autism? A Third? Kim Stagliano on Huffington Post - Age of Autism

Tune into HDNet's World Report Tuesday 8/23 9pm EDT - Age of Autism

More Parents Opting out of Vaccines for Children

Can Cell Phones Cause Autism? The American Autism Society brings up 2007 report

Will My Second Baby Have Autism, Too? by Kim Stagliano - Huffington Post

Why immunize?

2 cases of measles surface in Dakota County

Robert Harris going strong after 50 years in pediatric medicine

Autism renegade fights state boards

What happened to critical thinking?

Two Dakota County infants stricken with measles

Measles cases on rise, experts warn

Eastchester Mom Urges Vaccinations For Safety

Immunizations Highlighted as Students Head Back to School

Genes Are NOT the Main Cause of Autism

Autism more likely to develop in siblings, study finds - Risk of condition goes up with boys

CDC Announces 2011 Flu Vaccine Recommendations

Some more science facts

Having a crack: what do chiropractors know about vaccinations?

Comment:  Note author's conflicts of interest.

Vaccination Nation - Is sending your kid to school risky business?

REGION: Local parents increasingly skip children's immunizations

Junk Science at it’s Best (Worst?) - Living Wisdom/AVN

Snohomish mom, infant contract whooping cough; baby dies

Pharma + Professional Persecution = Profits! by Christina England - American Chronicle

Big Pharma—Define 'Better' (video) "Featuring Chill EB - Psycho/pharma spends billions of dollars a year marketing mental 'disorders' & drugs for kids -- yet these drugs are documented by international drug regulatory agencies to cause mania, psychosis, hallucinations, suicide, violence, homicidal ideation, heart attack, stroke and death. What's more, they are being prescribed for psychiatric disorders that are simply a checklist of behaviors. Get the facts here"

Drug companies lose protections on Facebook, some decide to close pages - Washington Post

Vaccines and Autism: Mixed Signals (video) - HDNet "Health officials in the U.S. have consistently denied that there is any link between childhood vaccines and autism. So why is the government quietly doling out big settlements to families who say just such a link harmed their children?"

Big pharma going down, down, down - ACSH

Comment:  This will likely lead to even more pressure to develop increasing numbers of vaccines.

Healthcare Workers Still Skeptical About Flu Vaccinations

Autism Figures – Existing Studies Show Shocking Real Increase Since 1988
- ChildHealthSafety

Families Sue Their Lawyers For Negligence Over MMR Cases by Christina England - VaccineTruth

Rick Perry’s Bad Medicine by Michelle Malkin

FDA Webinar on Protecting Your Child's Health Through Safe and Effective Vaccines

Indictment of vaccine researcher demands review of published scientific conclusions - NaturalNews

GARDASIL™ Study in Healthy Females Between 9 and 26 Years of Age in Sub-Saharan Africa (V501-046) -

WHO launches vaccination campaign against Measles in Somalia

How Medicine Became a Growth Business

Clinical Trials Neglect the Elderly - NY Times

Flu vaccine recommendations remain unchanged

Comment:  Of course they remain unchanged.  But should they?  See, for instance, Cochrane on flu vaccine efficacy.

Required vaccinations for children prevent diseases

Tragic stories of disease offer hope

Immunization Update 2011 and the Pharmacist’s Role in Vaccination Advocacy

County: Over 42K San Diego kids still need proof of vaccinations

Parents reminded to get children vaccinated before school (includes video)

Let the Gardasil battle begin

Notice: Direct Discovery of HLA Associated Influenza Epitopes Isolated From Human Cells for Vaccine and Therapeutic Evaluation and Development (U01)

Officials: Don't forget shots for sixth-graders

Photos: Students get back-to-school vaccines

Get the shots! OUR OPINION: Miami-Dade vaccination rate must improve

Visiting a health care provider raises rate of influenza shots, says study

CSU-Pueblo gets meningitis vaccine 200 doses available, offered free of charge to students.

Atlas Copco gives GH¢7,000 to support CSM vaccination in Obuasi

Respiratory illness not a precursor of pertussis

Whooping cough cases increase in Story County

Measles sends Minn. infant to hospital

Two Dakota County infants stricken with measles

Disease detectors urged in schools

Predisposition to Infection in the Elderly

Physician Focus: Medication Safety

Title: Use of allogeneic cell lines to load antigen presenting cells to elicit or eliminate immune responses (patent)

Title: System for detecting infectious agents using computer-controlled automated image analysis

Notice: Dialogues in Diversifying Clinical Trials: Successful Strategies for Engaging Women and Minorities in Clinical Trials

Notice: Draft Guidance for Industry and Food and Drug Administration Staff; Procedures for Handling Section 522 Postmarket Surveillance Studies; Availability

There’s much more to the sunshine vitamin

Teva Goes to Trial Over Hepatitis Cases Linked to Tainted Propofol Vials

TACA Events