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Daily Vaccine News Posted August 24, 2011

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The Health Liberty Revolution & Forced Vaccination by Barbara Loe Fisher NVIC (includes video)

Cleveland Plain Dealer: Dealing with Autistic Adults and not Asking Why by Anne Dachel - Age of Autism

SmartVax: Most Vaccines not Studied for Autism by Scott Laster, SafeMinds - Age of Autism

IOM To Release Adverse Events of Vaccines: Evidence and Causality 8/25 - Age of Autism

British Medical Journal Forced to Publish Letter about Merck Conflict after Age of Autism Campaign by John Stone - Age of Autism

Turning the tide on conflicts of interest (editorial) by Fiona Goodlee - BMJ

HPV test may be better predictor of cervical cancer than pap smear

Dublin Grapples With Surge in Fresh Measles Cases

Prof says parents misled on shots

The Individual Mandate and HPV Vaccine: Can You Say State Police Powers? by Scott Kahan, MD - The Huffington Post

Does Varicella Vaccine Eliminate Deaths From Varicella? - Paul A. Offit, MD (includes video) (registration) - Medscape

Researchers Probe Dramatic Drop In Vaccinations (includes video)

Dengue Fever Prevention: Vaccinating Mosquitoes With Bacteria To Protect People - The Huffington Post

Certain Hip Replacement Failures Zoom, but Getting the Data Nearly Impossible/ NY Times by Meryl Nass, MD

Audio Webcast of Adverse Effects of Vaccines: Evidence and Causality Public Briefing - August 25, 2011, 1:00 PM EDT Washington, DC Register with this form if you would like to listen to the audio webcast. - Institute of Medicine

HDNet Investigates Autism Among Vaccine Injured - The Autism Action Coalition

Schools report rise in cases of chickenpox - "Karol Vitale has been nursing her six-year-old daughter Zhana at home in Landsdale this week after she arrived home from John Septimus Roe School in Beechboro on Friday with spots. Mrs Vitale said she did not expect Zhana to get such a severe case of chickenpox after being vaccinated."

Namibia: Cabinet Instructs Ministry to Probe Bungled Vaccine Purchase From Cuba

Pertussis claims a small life in Snohomish County

Straight Talk about Vaccination - Parents need better information, ideally before a baby is born - Scientific American

Guest column: Parents need to understand vaccines are no threat to kids

8 Things Every Parent Should Know About Immunizations

Immunizations: What parents need to know

Students Sent Home For No Shots - Northside ISD Reports 1,800 Children Have Out-Of-Date Immunizations

125 Tyler ISD Students Sent Home Needing Updated Shots

Immunization confusion leaves kids in limbo days before school starts (includes video)

New vaccine rules in effect for students

Update: High School District Has Only 60% Compliance on Tdap Vaccinations - Booster shots to fight whooping cough are required under state law. Helix Charter High missing only 10 percent of students.

Keep Tdap Booster on Back-to-School List - As of Monday, only about half of the Lake Forest students headed to El Toro High School had provided proof of vaccination.

Back to School Reminders: Mandatory Vaccination and Truancy Law - New city ordinance makes cutting school a finable offense and students can't show up at school unless vaccinated.

Pennsylvania students required to have three more vaccinations

For your child’s healthy start to school year: immunization schedules, insurance access

Parents rush to get children vaccinated for school - Find out where to get last-minute shots

WXYZ-TV, Channel 7 Provides Free Back-to-School Immunizations With "Healthy Living for Kids"

Immunization rates in Prince Albert below national average

California Law Requires Vaccines for Middle and High School Students

Vaccination Records Keep Kids Out of School

Kids brave shot-in-arm rite of passage

Healthy update: How protected are you and your loved ones from pertussis?

Retail chains offering vaccines ahead of flu season's start - Health care workers are still finishing up rounds of back to school immunizations but for everyone else, it's already time to start thinking about flu vaccinations. (includes video)

State cuts back on free flu shots

Arizona health officials recommend second meningitis booster (includes video)

Doctors, Parents, School Officials Preparing For Upcoming Flu Season (includes video)

The Curious Link Between H1N1 Flu and Narcolepsy

WHO confirms another bird flu death in Cambodia - Eighth bird flu death in Cambodia reported this year

Collier Health Dept. cutting 51 positions, flu clinics after $1.6M funding cut

LOMA LINDA: 100 seniors can get free flu shots

Is the Flu Behind China’s Burst of Narcolepsy?

Flu's barely raised its ugly head so far

Getting a Flu Shot: Decision Time Approaches

Vaccines for tween, teen students often neglected: Why?

10 deadly myths about childhood vaccines

Vaccine made of tumor cells can offer cancer patients a new treatment option (includes video)

NanoBio’s Intranasal RSV Vaccine Induces Robust Immunity in Animals

Takeda gets 24bn yet Govt grant for cell culture vacc plant

Meningitis warning to fresher students

New genetically engineered vaccines target Rift Valley fever

Government should prepare people for a malaria vaccine

Immunovaccine Announces 2011 Second Quarter Results

Study of CSL's Fluvax finds higher local reaction rates in adults

Kiwanis Clubs join forces with Unicef

Fall is a good time to learn about certain diseases that can affect preteens and teens

Low rate of HPV vaccination

Cervical vaccine cuts anal cancer risk

UNICEF-supported mass vaccination campaign in Ethiopian refugee camp continues

Health Officials Announce Measles Exposure in Lancaster and Philadelphia Counties

As starving Somalis flood into Ethiopia, UN sends in emergency aid team

More measles cases in Waikato

Man with measles visited Lancaster County - State health department says he was here on Aug. 16 but does not identify him by name

Rail passenger may have spread measles

Doctors encourage vaccinations check after Amtrak measles alert (video)

PA Health Officials Announce Measles Exposure in Lancaster and Philadelphia Counties

Edmonton measles case prompts health alert

Measles cases reported in Dakota County

NEWS SCAN: E coli probe of Egyptian seeds, Czech mumps outbreak

3 new polio cases confirmed in Pakistan

DR Congo to kick off another anti-polio vaccination campaign

29 polio cases reported in Balochistan

Polio survivor commits to fight

Disease control: Insecurity pooling up the ‘last polio reservoir’

Afghan Govt launches an intensive polio eradication Programme

Scientists identify point of entry for deadly Ebola virus

Q & A: Can I catch shingles from grandma?

KSU Student Dies After Apparent Allergic Reaction (includes video)

Dey Pharma to Offer EpiPen 2-Pak® and EpiPen Jr 2-Pak® Exclusively

History Time: The two Cotton Mathers

Fort Drum soldier being treated for rabies

Dairy Event 2011: Vaccination strategy is vital

Animal vaccination growing industry in China

Vaccination is the only answer to avoid greater disease incidences - Sheep

Scripps Research Scientists Define Cellular Pathway Essential to Removing Damaged Mitochondria - New Findings Could Have Important Implications for Current Cancer Treatments