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Daily Vaccine News Posted August 25, 2011

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Federal Report Finds Vaccines Are Safe For Kids by Ed Silverman - Pharmalot

HHS Conflict Of Interest Waivers Are Incomplete by Ed Silverman - Pharmalot

Former CDC Autism Researcher Thorsen Hired By EU After His Own University Banned Him by Ulla Danielsen - Age of Autism

Referenced Commentary: The Health Liberty Revolution & Forced Vaccination by Barbara Loe Fisher - Age of Autism

BMJ admits that fraud claim against Dr. Andrew Wakefield has no basis in fact - NaturalNews

Vaccines largely safe, with few proven side-effects, rare serious problems: review

Review finds vaccines largely are safe, with few proven side effects and rare serious problems - Washington Post

Comment:  Unlike their earlier review, they don't seem to be "handicapped" by the absence of good studies.  Note there are still no properly designed and conducted (or at all) comparing the vaccinated to the never-vaccinated, so all we still really know is the incidence of these adverse events among the vaccinated. 

IOM Committee Finds No Link Between Autism, MMR Vaccine

US Expert Panel Finds Vaccines Largely Safe, Side Effects Mild

Sidewalk Film Festival 2011

Straight Talk about Vaccination - Parents need better information, ideally before a baby is born - Scientific American

Vaccines lower immunity

Are vaccines causing more disease than they are curing? by Alan Cantwell, MD - The Scavenger

Menactra Vaccine Ads (video)

Better You Than Me: Scientists Sicken Mosquitoes To Stop Dengue

Vitamin A prophylaxis (full text pdf) - journal article

Additional resources:
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Report in Brief
Adverse Effects of Vaccines: Evidence and Causality - Institute of Medicine

Vaccines largely safe, U.S. expert panel finds - IOM says vaccines cause few side effects - Sees no evidence vaccines cause autism, type 1 diabetes - Reuters

U.S.-Mandated Report Finds Vaccines Safe for Kids - IOM panel pored over 1,000 studies and found little evidence for lasting harm - US News & World Report

Vaccine-safety report should reassure doctors and parents, experts say

Few health problems are caused by vaccines, IOM report finds

Vaccines are generally safe, National Academy of Sciences says - Washington Post

Vaccines cause very few serious side effects

Few risks associated with vaccines, experts conclude

Report Finds Few Side Effects For Vaccines - Forbes

IOM Committee Finds No Link Between Autism, MMR Vaccine

Childhood Under Siege: How Big Business Targets Children - Alliance for Human Research Protection

Immunizations are not mandatory - letter

Vaccines and Your Rights in the U.S. by HWC Homeopathy Radio - Blog Talk Radio - "Join us Thurs Aug 25, 2011 at noon ET for a discussion about the recent federal district court decision in the Cloer case. Disturbingly, the court's ruling excludes an entire category of legitimate vaccine injuries from being able to seek compensation in the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program! Vaccine Rights Attorney Alan Phillips will discuss the court ruling with co-host Debbie Bruck, founder of Homeopathy World Community."

Hong Kong: Kwong Wah Hospital announces incident concerning vaccinations

Immunising children at birth offers hope for preventing severe pneumococcal disease - Vaccinating children against the pneumococcus at birth is safe and primes the immune system against later infection. This is according to research findings published today in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases by researchers at the KEMRI Wellcome Trust Research Programme in Kilifi, Kenya, working in collaboration with scientists at the UCL Institute of Child Health, London, UK.

Woman sues doctor and Queensland Health for $7.8m for failing to diagnose cryptococcal meningitis

Whooping cough causes death in Snohomish - letter

August: National Immunization Awareness Month

MOMS TALK: Should You Vaccinate Your Kids? - Are vaccines safe for our children? Should we be required to give them?

HPV Vaccine Protects Women Against Anal Infection - "Kreimer and most authors reported no conflicts, but two authors reported they are named inventors on U.S. government-owned HPV vaccine patents that are licensed to GlaxoSmithKline and Merck and for which the National Cancer Institute receives licensing fees. They are entitled to limited royalties as specified by federal law. Harper reported financial links with Merck and GlaxoSmithKline. Vierthaler reported no conflicts."

Another benefit of the HPV vaccine

HPV Vaccine for Anal Cancer - Dr. Karen Boyle discusses new research on greater protection from the vaccine. (video)

School nurses'experiences of delivering the UK HPV vaccination programme in its first year

Ready for school? Immunize for a healthy, safe school year

The rotavirus vaccine continues to save children's lives in Mexico

Thimerosal and blood components

NanoBio’s Intranasal Vaccine Induces Robust Immunity in Animals

Mycoplasma pneumonia common cause of prolonged coughing illness in children

The role of schools in the spread of mumps among unvaccinated children: A retrospective cohort study

Age-Related Immunity to Meningococcal Serogroup C Vaccination: An Increase in the Persistence of IgG2 Correlates with a Decrease in the Avidity of IgG

The Tuberculin Skin Test Is Unreliable in School Children BCG-vaccinated in Infancy and at Low Risk of Tuberculosis Infection

Uganda: Government Should Prepare People for a Malaria Vaccine

Mayo Clinic receives FDA approval for ovarian and breast cancer vaccines

Scientists at GlaxoSmithKline Target Pediatric Vaccines

Investigators at St. Louis University Publish New Data on Vaccines

China Animal Vaccine Industry Report, 2010-2011—Published by ResearchInChina

Doctor vows to continue research in face of threat

LEUSD Students 94 Percent Compliant With Vaccine Law - “District wide, 623 students still need to become compliant with the Tdap booster shot," said Steve Behar, director of child welfare and attendance for the district.

Families Endure Long Lines for Back-to-School Vaccines

School district issues vaccination reminder

Getting your back to school shots at the doctor's office (includes video)

Health Watch: Getting Vaccinated Before College (includes video)

No Word On 11 Hires, Firefighters’ Flu Shots Shut Down - A split vote takes out a flu shot program, while one of the 11 candidates hired before the new board took over asks for a hiring list freeze.

Orland fire board nixes flu shot

Flu Shots, in August? (includes video)

Should You Get Flu Shot Now? (includes video)

Flu vaccine has arrived

Worcester will likely see free flu vaccine shortage

Flu remedy firm Afexa woos rival bidders

Independent Scientific Study Recognizes Positive Effects of TheraMax(R) on Influenza Virus Infections

How to eradicate polio in Nigeria, by expert - WHO consultant says education, quality hygiene, immunisation remain key to eliminating scourge

CM says anti-polio efforts being encouraged
Nagaland govt fights measles

Back-to-School Measles Update -

Measles warning issued to Amtrak passengers

Ask Karen - Measles Vaccine 

Measles case in Edmonton prompts public warning

Measles cases spread in Waikato

Starting off right

Fresh meningitis scare in Northland

Health requirements for this year's Hajj

"Powerful Sway" Of Industry To Cut Avoidable Deaths From Chronic Diseases, BMJ Raises Concern

Maine to Distribute Rabies Vaccine Baits

Fourth rabid bat found in Washoe County

Get your horse vaccinated

Saving Lives With Antibody Titer Tests - "Please join Maddie's Fund and Maddie's® Institute for a free webcast with Ronald Schultz, MS, PhD, ACVM, on "Saving Lives With Antibody Titer Tests" on Thursday, September 8, 2011, at 9 PM Eastern/8 PM Central/7 PM Mountain/6 PM Pacific."

Pre-vaccination exam waiver shot down - Oregon board drops amendment after member protest

When Pets are Allergic to Vaccinations - Do the benefits of vaccinations outweigh the risks?