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Daily Vaccine News Posted August 26, 2011

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New IOM Report on Vaccine Adverse Effects Shows Alarming Lack of Good Science - SafeMinds Notes:  Parents Should Still be Concerned - SafeMinds

So Who’s Disgraced Now?!!! - VRAN

National Academy Of Sciences: Vaccines Are Usually Safe - HuffPo

Balaam’s Donkey by Norm Roberts - Age of Autism

New IOM Report on Vaccine Adverse Effects Shows Alarming Lack of Good Science SafeMinds Notes: Parents Should Still be Concerned - SafeMinds via Age of Autism

Five Takes On Vaccine Safety And Autism by Karen Weintraub and Rachel Zimmerman - CommonHealth: Reform and Reality

In India, Drug Reps Get 20 Seconds With A Doc by Ed Silverman - Pharmalot

HPV Vaccine Rates Trail Other Teen Vaccines by Ed Silverman - Pharmalot

The epidemic of medical child abuse - and what can be done about it - NaturalNews

For Pete's Sake, Go Get Your Kids Vaccinated Already!

Vaccines have rare adverse effects, but not autism, diabetes, Institute of Medicine says

Vaccine once again cleared as autism culprit by Gardiner Harris - NY Times

Comment:  Does anyone in a  position of authority care about who is paying for the "science" that allegedly vindicates vaccines?

Scientific Panel Dismisses Vaccine-Austism Link -

Half of teen girls don't get vaccine

Vaccine studies cover autism link, HPV rates - ABC

Vaccines still safe, non-celebrities with medical expertise report - Salon

New IOM Vaccine Report - Evidence and Causality

Comment: Evidence-based medicine: What’s not to like? by Sandy Gottstein

IOM: Vaccines cause very few side effects - FierceVaccines

New guidance for back-to-school vaccines - ""We've discovered that the protection, or at least the antibody that occurs with the MCV vaccine wanes over time. So the new recommendation is that any child that had previously gotten immunized at 11 or 12, needs to have a follow-up immunization or booster at age 16," said Stephen Eppes, chief of the division of infectious diseases a Delaware's AI duPont Hospital for Children."

Comment:  Note that, for instance, there were only 29 cases of meningitis serogroup A,C,Y, and W-135 in 2008 in the 5-14 year old age group, and 53 in the 15-24 year old age group, according to the CDC.  One might reasonably wonder why a) an 11 or 12 year old would be given a vaccine for such a rare disease and then b) be asked to get another, when it is almost as rare in the older group.  Note also that the various serotypes were not even reported in 2004, prior to introduction of the vaccine in 2005. The incidence of all meningitis in those age groups, however, do not appear to justify the recommendations, given that fewer than 200 were reported in the 5-14 y/o group and less than 300 in the older group. 

New Survey Shows Unvaccinated Children Vastly Healthier – Far Lower Rates of Chronic Conditions and Autism - Child Health Safety

Autism Not Caused By MMR Vaccine, Or Any Others: Report

Doctor’s Children Not Immune to Vaccine Reactions - Three Out of Four Children in the Young Family Have Life Threatening Reactions to State Mandated Vaccines (pdf) by J. Clayton Young, M.D. and Virginia Young - vaccineinfo.onet

HDNet News Release on HDNet World’s Report on Link Between Vaccines & Autism

When it comes to vaccines, it's vital to do research

Health Department Offering Free Tdap Vaccination to Students Grades 7-12

National survey shows HPV vaccine rates trail other teen vaccines Poor and minority teens less likely to finish the three-dose HPV vaccine series

Downsides to vaccines, detecting Alzheimer's and "early-in-the-day" smokers (includes video)

IOM vaccine study may not ease autism, diabetes worries (Morning Read)

New form required for those who skip vaccines

Expansion of pertussis vaccine program

Teen immunization rates improve in Washington More work needed to meet state and national immunization goals for protecting teens

Vaccine rules hit students of all ages Metro Nashville schools see high noncompliance

Great Falls' back-to-school vaccinations done with ease

Okla. trails in HPV vaccinations, but numbers up

Results of Emergent BioSolutions Phase 1a Study on Adjuvanted BioThrax Anthrax Vaccine Published in the Journal Vaccine

Think tank backs pharmacy flu vaccination role

Why CMA supported Perry's HPV vaccination order

Spend less on older therapies and the new ones will be more affordable AUSTRALIANS are living longer largely due to a remarkable trend that appeared about 40 years ago.

Immunizations vital to child's health

Malibu Students Must Be Vaccinated for Whooping Cough by Sept. 30

Teen vaccination rates rise Survey finds progress against meningitis, HPV and other threats, but "we still have much work to do."

New Back-to-School Immunizations: Whooping Cough, Meningitis, HPV Are Your Teens and Tweens Protected?

Targeting HPV 16/18 shows promise in cancer risk reduction New vaccine provides ‘strong protection’ for anal cancer, and researchers discover that separate screening for HPV 16/18 may represent a more effective screening strategy.

Rush is on for back to school immunizations

Public’s response to measles alert disappoints Alberta Health Services

Recent flight passengers at risk of contracting measles

Missouri school nurses launch meningitis vaccine campaign

Hospital-based vaccination programs likely decrease chances of outbreaks, save costs

Different forms of flu vaccine effective in toddlers

Kenya: U.S. Firm Gives Vaccines to Moi Hospital

Flu shot season starting early (includes video)

Single vaccines to protect against both rabies and Ebola Partnering with the NIH, Thomas Jefferson University successfully tests a vaccine in mice that could lead to a more effective public health tool in Africa

Vitamin A supplements can save lives

Measles virus a potential new tool in cancer fight Scientists discover receptor; May lead to vaccine-like treatment for several different forms of disease

Cell receptor could allow measles virus to target tumors PVRL4 (Nectin 4) is a receptor for measles virus

In Brief: Measles outbreak reported in Zanzibar

Collaborative research: Some A a day keeps the doctor away: study

Rotavirus vaccine - how icddr,b contributed in finding a simple solution to save children's lives

Immunising at birth is safe and effective against severe pneumococcal disease

Got Tdap? Make sure your kids get their mandatory Tdap booster shots before school begins in the Capistrano Unified School District on Sept. 7. There are several opportunities to get them at clinics—fee-based clinics and one free clinic—in and around Laguna Niguel.

Discovery Explains Why Influenza B Virus Exclusively Infects Humans; Opens Door for Drugs to Fight Seasonal Epidemics Caused by Virus Rutgers, University of Texas at Austin researchers determine three-dimensional structure of site on influenza B virus protein that suppresses human defenses to infection

Tamiflu-Resistant Flu Outbreak Reported in Australia’s Newcastle, WHO Says

The 100-day cough: clinicians be(a)ware

Summary Box: Scientists man bioterror front lines

Rare waterborne infection noted in three deaths

Research Team Discovers How Ebola Virus Enters, Replicates in a Host Cell The team discovered a protein called Niemann-Pick C1 (NPC1), which they found was responsible for allowing Ebola virus to enter and replicate within cells

What's new in flu: FluMist vaccine elicits immune response before influenza

Pandemics Conference

Newspaper Catch a Bug, Doctor's Say It's a Case of the Biofuel Bacteria digests cellulose to make motor friendly butanol

Health researchers awarded funding

Pediatrician answers questions about getting kids ready to return to school

Vaccination Protects Pets & Family from Rabies (video) Most pet owners don't even think about rabies, but they should. That’s because once rabies symptoms develop in cats and dogs the disease is nearly always fatal.

Kalamazoo doctor says West Nile virus likely here, too, after Macomb County man dies from suspected case

Infectious Disease Epidemiology Program Unexplained Deaths with History of Fever (UNEX)

IQuum Receives FDA Clearance for Influenza Assay

Website Offers Austin STD Testing Alternative

Does the healthy future of pharma mean expensive cancer treatments ?

Drug Manufacturer Teva Ceases Propofol Production Following $500M Award to Hep C Patient

Pneumococcal Infections Therapeutics – Pipeline Assessment and Market Forecasts to 2017

“Western” diseases spread to developing world Chronic diseases such as diabetes and cancer are on the rise worldwide - especially in developing countries, experts say.

HHS awards $137M to states for health IT, prevention

Can Vitamins Prolong Life? Possibly, Under Certain Circumstances

A PEEK OFF-CAMPUS Tropical diseases infect powerless Neglected diseases, eradicated here, devastate developing world

Nigeria: WHO Audits Seven Pharmaceutical Coys

Import Alerts Guard Against Unsafe Products

Steps Outlined to Screen All Newborns for Heart Defects N.J. will be first state to implement routine testing

Cerebral Palsy Occurrence in the US Cerebral palsy is the most common cause of motor disability in childhood, affecting approximately 1 in 303 8-year-old children in the US.

Celexa (citalopram hydrobromide): Drug Safety Communication - Abnormal Heart Rhythms Associated With High Doses

September's UN Summit on Non-Communicable Diseases Stalled

Schafer Autism Report August 25, 2011