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State Laws and Exemptions

The Authoritative Guide to VACCINE LEGAL EXEMPTIONS E-Book v. 3.0

College Bound - Navigating Vaccine Choices From the Desk of NVIC Executive Director, Theresa Wrangham

Exemption Forms and information (all states) - Vaccination Liberation

Hepatitis B Vaccine Declination
- Occupational Safety & Health Administration

Law / Exemptions - World Association for Vaccine Education WAVE

NVIC Advocacy Portal (NVICAP)

State Vaccine Requirements - National Vaccine Information Center

Vaccine Exemption Forms - Online by State or Country - The Center for Unhindered Living

Vaccine Rights - Exemptions and Waivers - Alan Phillips, J.D.

Vaccine rights/safety groups - National, State and International

State Laws

Immunizations - National Conference of State Legislatures
Mandatory Vaccination of Healthcare Workers - The following chart details current state laws regarding mandatory vaccination for employees of long-term care facilities. -

National Vaccine Program Office Immunization Laws - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Rabies Vaccination State Laws - American Veterinary Medical Association

State Immunization Legislation Resources - The Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO)

State Information - State mandates on immunization and vaccine-preventable diseases - Immunization Action Coalition

Vaccine Law - LSU Law Center

Emergency Powers

The Model State Emergency Health Powers Act (MSEHPA) - Centers for Law and the Public's Health

Pandemic Response Project -- founded by Vaccine Rights Attorney Alan Phillips, J.D.